N: Número: 1 Data: April 5, 2020 Llengua: English

For the parents

In such complex days as the confinement of 2 billion people around the world, we have children of all ages and all geographies around the world who have to continue working on subjects without understanding too well why they do not go to class but at the same time they are not holidays.

I am a loyal advocate that mental gymnastics is just as important as physical exercise. And because the general nature of kiddos is that they want to have fun, it is sometimes difficult for us to balance homework with leisure time.

And that's why I decided to create the CoronaMaze!

Homework will have to be done of course! And in this web we propose a fun complement with a new fresh puzzle every day. In each house you will decide if you want to give a prize at the end of the day, as an entertainment at the playground break or as a stimulus at the beginning of the day before they start. Depending on how your children are, in each family you will know how to do better than anyone else!

While they will have the feeling that they are playing, I tell parents that each of the puzzles I will propose on a daily basis will be based on logical and deductive reasoning, an exciting branch of mathematics.

As a citizen of the world wanting to do something cool for the children of the world, I will spend part of my time every day to create new puzzles. Your collaboration sharing this website with all your friendly families will give us the courage to continue.


On the other hand, if you know trusted people who want to translate your content into other languages, it would be great to weave a network of collaborators.


And so that parents are no less, I also challenge you if you want to keep your children company!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!