N: Número: 2 Data: April 7, 2020 Llengua: English
2. Playing the Nintendo Switch
Difficulty: 6-8 years


Since Laura is getting bored by the lockdown, she plays with the Nintendo Switch every day for a while.
She has been strolling by different rooms of the house. In each place she has played a different game at a different time of day.
Can you tell what time of day she played in the kitchen?


  • Places: Living room, Bedroom and Kitchen.
  • Video games: Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and Mario Odyssey.
  • Times of day: Morning, Afternoon and Night.


  1. Animal Crossing was not played in the afternoon.
  2. In the morning, Laura played Stardew Valley lying on the bed in her bedroom.
  3. In the living room, no one played Mario Odyssey and no one played in the morning.
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