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1. Decorating school supplies
Difficulty: 18+ years


In these days of confinement, Laura, Mark, Isona, Julieta and Peter have decided to spend time decorating their school supplies while listening to music.
Each one has used a different decoration in a different place and has done it on a different day and listening to different music.
Can you find out, on the calendar, on what day Laura decorated and on what day the agenda was decorated? And about music, would you know what music Mark and Isona listened to respectively?


  • Kids: Laura, Mark, Isona, Julieta and Peter
  • Decorations: Sticker, Pin, Colored Ribbon, Marker and Foam Flowers
  • School supplies: Backpack, Notebook, Folder, Case and Agenda
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Music: K-Pop, Blues, Heavy metal, Electronic and Hard Rock


  1. On Tuesday, someone decorated the notebook with a pin.
  2. The backpack was decorated one day before the case.
  3. Neither the one who decorated on Tuesday nor the one who painted with a marker listened to K-Pop.
  4. Neither Peter used the pin, nor the one who listened to Heavy Metal used the marker, nor did Julieta listen to Hard Rock.
  5. Isona has put a sticker on the folder, but was not listening to Hard Rock.
  6. Neither the pin was used listening to Hard Rock, nor Julieta decorated the notebook.
  7. Julieta did not decorate her school supplies exactly three days after the one who listened to K-Pop.
  8. The blues listener decorated the backpack with the colored ribbon.
  9. Laura did not use the pin nor the marker.
  10. Isona either decorated three days before the one that did it with colored ribbon, or three days later.
  11. The marker was used exactly one day after the colored tape.
  12. The one who listened to K-Pop, the one who listened to electronics and the one who decorated with Foam Flowers were different people.
  13. On Tuesday you could listen to electronics.
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