N: Número: 1 Data: April 5, 2020 Llengua: English
1. Decorating school supplies
Difficulty: 12-14 years


In these days of confinement, Laura, Mark, Isona and Julieta have decided to spend time decorating their school supplies.
Each one has used a different decoration in a different place and has done it on a different day.
Can you find out who decorated it on Thursday and with what decoration it did?


  • Kids: Laura, Mark, Isona, Julieta
  • Decorations: Sticker, Pin, Colored Ribbon and Marker
  • School supplies: Backpack, Notebook, Folder and Case
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


  1. Laura did not use the pin or the marker.
  2. Isona has put a sticker on the folder, but it was not on Wednesday.
  3. The backpack was decorated before the case.
  4. On Tuesday, someone decorated the notebook with a pin.
  5. Neither the colored ribbon was used the first day, nor did Julieta decorate the notebook.
  6. Someone decorated the backpack with the colored ribbon.
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